The West Virginia Remote Work Program Has Received More than 7,500 Applicants

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At the beginning of this year, Ascend West Virginia, an attraction and retention program, started offering $12,000 to remote workers who relocated there for two years. A couple of months later, the program has become increasingly popular and has received more than 7,500 applications. 

The pandemic impacted the lifestyle of many employees. It also increased the number of remote workers. Consequently, employees who were used to living in expensive cities are now looking to move into different areas across the U.S. In some states, to boost the economy and tourism, they have started to lure remote workers with cash incentives and different types of benefits. 

Ascend West Virginia Program for Remote Workers

The talent attraction and retention program, Ascend West Virginia, will pay those remote workers who want to relocate $12,000 in cash. They will receive $10,000 paid in monthly installments and an additional $2,000 if they stay for a second year.

At the moment, the program has selected 53 people for its first-class remote workers moving to West Virginia. These employees come from 21 states as well as other countries like Germany. Besides the cash benefits, they will also be able to enjoy free outdoor recreation and the possibility of earning certifications through West Virginia University and access to coworking spaces. 

The initiative has already attracted more than 7,500 applicants. And the state has decided to partner with Rocket Morgage to offer all the applicants $2,500 off their closing costs if they purchase a home in West Virginia.

The founder of Ascend WV, Executive Chairman Brad D., and his wife donated $25 million with the goal to make West Virginia a remote work destination. 

Modern technology and changing assumptions about work are finally liberating large numbers of knowledge workers from the office. When workers have geographic freedom, they look for a place that offers quality of life and experiences that make their lives outside of work.

Interested in applying? Check out their website


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