10 Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas for Remote Teams 

virtual valentines day ideas

In the end, the lovers’ day is around the corner. Tiny and shiny red hearts, cute decorations, mushy quotes are everywhere around you. What better occasion to engage with your distributed team members than Valentine’s day? There are many virtual Valentine’s day ideas to play with as distributed teams. 

Even if you are the most cynical person in the world, you can celebrate the lovers’ day by finding original things to do with your coworkers and making fun of it! 

Here are 10 virtual Valentine’s day ideas for digital nomads to bond with your team members across the globe: 

10 Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas for Work 

valentines work ideas

Online Valentines Games

1. Virtual Valentine’s Day Bingo

Trying out different home valentines day ideas, Remote Bingo is one of the funniest games to bring your team together. You can even create small teams like ‘single vs. couple,’ making everyone feel involved. The game can last 10 minutes or an hour, depending on how the team gets along. 

How to play:

  • Send Bingo boards to your team members.
  • Chatting with colleagues, players mark off squares describing someone else writing their name in the box. 
  • The first who gets 5 marks wins the game.

Besides making Valentine’s day less annoying for those who lack romance, it’s a funny idea to make your team members engage and know each other. 

Here is a template to play your team members: 

online valentines games

PS. Remember to randomize squares so that not everyone wins at once!

2. Virtual Game Night +1 

You can celebrate Valentine’s day with a special game night +1. Especially for distributed teams, it can be a funny valentine work idea to connect with other team members ‘outside the virtual workplace.’ Here are some ideas for a special game night to spicy future Slack games:

  • Escape Room: Jewel Heist
  • Virtual Clue Murder Mystery
  • Happy Hours Trivia (a virtual pub quiz night)
  • Virtual Team Pursuit

3. Best Playlist or Podcast contest 

For Valentine’s day, you could launch a competition for the best podcast to start the working day and the top playlist to work remotely. As the contest celebrates the lovers’ day, you can make limitations like romantic music. Or, people can suggest only podcasts about long-distance relationships or improve remote connections. You can use these suggestions during a call to engage in new conversations about the topic with your team members. And the winner will receive a pack of discounted chocolate post-Valentine’s day and good coffee. 

Valentines Day Celebration Ideas

4. Wine Subscription

For single and heartbroken team members – without excluding happy couples, of course! – you can organize a wine subscription to celebrate Valentine’s day with other remote workers. And you can drink wine altogether and talk about ‘heart affairs.’ Here are some winery deliveries in different places: 

  • Winc
  • Firstleaf
  • Drink-Haus
  • Craft Gin Club – If one of your colleagues is getting married!

PS. If you have worldwide team members, remember to check the local mail policy for alcohol! 

5. Love languages

Do you know how many ways people find to say ‘I love you? You can propose an online Valentine’s Day activity with different languages or popular local expressions to show love to others. Funny or romantic, your team members can teach each other new ways of saying love and surprise their partner at home. 

Valentines Menu Ideas

6. Worldwide Valentine’s Dinner 

Valentine´s Day is one of the best occasions to propose a ‘receipt sharing channel’ with special dishes for the best Valentine’s dinner – and advice for wine! After the lovers’ day, colleagues can share pictures of their dinner and keep a more casual conversation in the long run. 

7. Surprise Dinner Delivery

For the lovers’ day, you can surprise your team members with a surprise delivery night. Everyone will enjoy dinner with their loved ones, and have a great kick-off topic for the week call! 

8. Virtual Cooking Classes 

Finally, you could organize virtual cooking classes with your team. They can teach each other a local recipe live, and cook for their families and friends to celebrate the lovers day – or any day of the year!

Valentines Day Zoom Ideas

9. Virtual wine tasting classes

Wine has always been a more reliable friend than diamonds. Like any other virtual celebration,  Valentine’s day is great to engage with your team members attending online wine tasting classes. You can arrange a Zoom call including snacks or even a wine expert explaining different tastes. Here are some virtual wine tasting classes to take inspiration from: 

  • Far Niente Winery
  • Clos Du Val Wine.
  • Passalacqua Winery
  • Priority Wine Pass
  • Matthiasson

10. International Romantic Movie Night

Last but not least, you can ask your team to propose a love comedy from their original country, and make a small contest. And you can watch all together the favorite one commenting in real-time. 


Last Thoughts on Valentine’s Day 

Working in a distributed team means getting to know different cultures or even learning some words of a new language while working from home. Virtual Valentine’s day ideas can be a funny and original way to bond with people you are working with and improve your working relationship even if you are far apart!

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