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The mark of a true business is not just its satisfactory products; it is the work environment. It is how satisfying and comfortable your employees are working with their firm and working for their firm. And virtual lunch ideas are a great way to connect with your remote team, network, and make employees feel valued!

Since one of the challenges in the modern era that businesses face is engagement, how to keep employees engaged? How to make meetings less awkward and more professional? How to make the environment easier to settle in?

Well, modern problems require modern solutions. If COVID has taught us anything, then virtual lunches and learns are the modern solutions to this problem.

Here are some unique lunch ideas you can do with your remote team!

What Kind Of Virtual Lunch Activities Should I Arrange?

1) Have Virtual Lunch Meetings On Storytelling

The purpose of virtual lunch and learns is to bond with your employees and co-workers. Learn who they are and their personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. Even viewpoints.

So what better of the virtual lunch and learn ideas are there than to have a storytelling session? Show, don’t tell is a written rule in storytelling because it helps us understand the character more.

The topic could be anything. Work, family, superstition, embarrassing moments, fun facts about where they live, and so much more. As long as they narrate it, you’ll learn more about that narrator in such virtual lunch activities than anywhere else.

2) Have Literal Virtual Lunch And Learns

This virtual lunch idea means exactly what it says. Where above, you learned about another’s life story, here you will learn about another’s perception.

Unanimously, the meeting group chooses a topic to research, either related or unrelated to their actual work. The research is mostly done with videos, and once done, you decide on virtual lunch meetings to discuss the researched topic.

 3) Have Virtual Lunch Meetings On Comedy

This one’s our personal favorite. Life’s already gloomy, isn’t it? Full of stress and worry. This was often referred to as an ice-breaking session in my school days. This is one of those virtual lunch activities that distract your employees from their daily burdens on them.

It could be the burdens of their work or that of their home.

Simply put, this workshop session dissects some of the best jokes out there on the internet and beyond. Some online standup comedy may be part of the virtual lunch activities too.

After that, all participants work on one-liners, puns, and jokes to crack the mood. Not only is such a session good for developing soft skills such as communication, but it is also just hilarious.

4) Ask Your Boss Anything

This is one of those personalized lunch-and-learn ideas for a boss. If you are a boss, then don’t skip over this. Why? Because believe it or not, your employees want nothing more than to know you and your business better.

Made popular thanks to Reddit, such virtual lunch activities have become a trend. This is an open forum where an expert, in this case, you, answers questions for a specific time.

If it is just a company event, then it can be held easily on Google Meet, Slack, and Discord channels.

This is one of the more popular virtual lunch ideas because others can take support from another’s question. On the other hand, posted questionnaires can get a bit bland.

5) Virtual Lunch Activities: Pop Quiz!

If you believe this is one of the bland virtual lunch-and-learn ideas, then let us convince you to reconsider. Yes, your employees are no longer students who would have to give a quiz just for the sake of a quiz.

Raise the stakes. Offer a bonus, not monetary, but extra offs or a decrease in working hours. Everyone loves to get an off day, spend time with their families, or just themselves. You will be surprised how such a stake will motivate them.

And boost morale. Pick a topic, make a quiz, and have it be surprised or announced. Most virtual lunch activities involve a quiz on the lecture the speaker gave. You can have the attendees answer honestly.

Or, for a little spice, make teams.

Final Word – Host Virtual Lunch Meetings That Your Employees Will Remember

In the professional environment, work matters, yes. But do you know what else matters? Personal development and well-being of your employees. If you noticed that each virtual lunch and learn idea focuses on this personal development, then you noticed correctly.

Because that was the whole point.

Good companies lasted longer because they took care of their employees. They arranged events and virtual lunch meetings where employees not only interacted and bonded with each other but also where a company’s culture was defined.

If you, too, want your company’s culture to be defined, then arrange meetings in business lunch near me!

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Happy profiting!


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