Venice: A New Destination for Remote Workers


Venice launched a new program to attract young professionals and digital nomads to repopulate the historic city. The program called Venywhere aims to convince people that the Italian city is the new hot destination for digital nomads. 

Since the pandemic started and remote work became more popular, countries launched programs to lure remote workers. Some of them wanted to boost their economy, others to repopulate, and others to increase tourism, among other reasons. And Venice is the latest city to create a program that focuses on digital nomads and remote workers. 

Venywhere: Work from Venice!

Venywhere launched in December 2021. It was created by the Università Ca’ Foscari and the Fondazione di Venezia, a nonprofit group that protects Venice’s cultural heritage. The program wants to convince people to choose Venice as its new remote work destination. 

It was inspired by the Tulsa remote work program, and it focuses on encouraging young professionals to visit the city and work there. The Venywhere program provides digital nomads with a safe remote worker experience in Venice. Their target audience, according to their platform are:

  • Remote workers 
  • Digital nomads and freelancers
  • Companies who want to find an exciting place for their teams. 

In its platform, digital nomads can find information about soft landings, workspaces, community engagement, accommodation, and more! Visit here


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