Vaccination Mandatory For Red Hat Employees

Vaccination mandatory
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

According to an email sent to all Red Hat employees, any staff working from the company’s office must be fully vaccinated.

The email was sent by the company’s senior vice president and chief people officer Jennifer Dudeck today. She stated that the organization is “extending its global default to remote guidance” and from August 9 onward, employees working at the office site need to be fully vaccinated against COVID.

According to the email,

“Increasingly, proof of vaccination has also become a requirement for customer and partner interactions, and we are working to understand how these requirements will impact Red Hatters.”Jennifer Dudeck, Senior VP and Chief People Officer, Red Hat

Red Hat employees’ default work mode will be remote until the first business day of 2022.

“We ask that anyone who can work remotely please continue to do so. We will continue to make available access to offices, customers, gatherings and events where country-level conditions allow, enabling associates to make individual decisions about their best working environment.”Jennifer Dudeck, Senior VP and Chief People Officer, Red Hat

The company also makes wearing a mask mandatory for all employees “when engaged in in-person work interactions with others, whether in the office, with customers, when gathering with other Red Hatters, and when attending events.”

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