U.S. Workers Want a Hybrid Approach Post-Covid

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According to a new Robert Half’s survey, 49% of professional employees in the U.S. would like to have a hybrid approach when offices start to re-open. 

Most companies have started to announce what their upcoming plans are regarding remote work. Companies such as JPMorgan, Ford, GM, Target, Salesforce, among others, will implement a hybrid approach, letting employees work both from home and the office. 

Companies that are forcing their employees to return to the office area minority, mainly because most company surveys have proved that employees don’t want to have the same working structure before the pandemic. 

Robert Half Survey Shows Employees Want to Continue Working Remotely 

As in the U.S., thousands of citizens are getting vaccinated every day, offices have started to re-open. However, the recent survey conducted by the staffing agency reveals interesting data for employers to keep in mind when creating their new post-covid plans.

Robert Half’s Senior District President, Bill Driscoll, told Bizjournals that workers, after going through all these changes during last year, craved flexibility and enjoyed managing their own schedules. He added:

While many organizations faced challenges at the beginning of the pandemic when full-time remote work kicked into gear, many have now noticed workers are comfortable, productive, and are thriving in this environment. Companies need to consider making these options a part of their long-term strategy. Those that don’t might find that attracting and retaining talent becomes even more difficult.

Robert Half surveyed 1,000 workers across the U.S., and these were the main results: 

  • 49% of U.S. employees want a hybrid approach (home office and onsite office).
  • 26% would like to work from home permanently.
  • 25% would like to return to the office. 

Employees who say no to returning to the office stated the main reason they enjoy having a hybrid work structure, is because they can set their own schedules. They don’t spend on transportation, and they don’t have as many distractions as in the office. 


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