U.S Women Prefer Working Remotely

woman working from home

A survey by YouGov revealed that more than half of U.S. women prefer to work remotely in comparison to 44% of men. According to the results, women place a higher value on flexible work schedules and location. 

The pandemic not only impacted the way people worked but also how they lived. For many, work involved hours of commute and organization, but with remote work, it was easier to achieve this work-life balance. Especially for women, according to recent surveys.

Women Prefer Remote Work

The YouGov survey’s main finding was that women prioritize remote work as it allows them to have better flexibility. 57% of women consider that flexibility is highly important in comparison with 44% of men. Additionally, women are more likely than men to say they want flexible working locations. With 72% of women but only 57% of men prioritizing flexibility. 

Similarly, a report by Mckinsey backs these results by revealing that women in leadership positions switched jobs at the highest rate ever during the past year. 

Other key findings from the YouGov survey: 

  • Men are more likely to say that working full time at the office is acceptable (43% vs 28%)
  • Men are more likely to say that fully remote work would be unacceptable (57% vs 50%)

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