US Employees Agree to Take Pay Cuts for Extended Remote Work

Pay cut for extended remote work
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

According to a new survey, two-thirds of US employees seek continued remote work. Most are okay with pay cuts in return and are also willing to quit their jobs if the need to return to office full time arises.

GoodHire Survey Results

The survey conducted by GoodHire, an employment screening service provider, consisted of 3,500 US workers.

  • More than 68% choose remote working over working from an office.
  • 61% said they would be willing to take a pay cut in exchange for being able to work remotely permanently. Some suggested they’d give up to 50% of their current wage to do so. 
  • Most common response was a 10% reduction in salary.
  • 45% would look for another job if forced to return to office full-time.

The findings suggest employers face a hard time getting employees back to office after many have spent the past year and more working remotely.

Apple has been offering a hybrid work model but employees aren’t pleased. The workers feel that Apple will dictate their remote working days rather than allowing flexibility. Some other employees are of the opinion that they’re more productive and happier with full-time remote work and the company will not benefit with employees returning to office.

With a growing gap between the opinions of employees and employers, time will tell what works out the best for both sides. Finding a middle ground is a good option where both the employer and the employee benefits and agrees to the terms.

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