Uplisting’s Integration With Tuya Hospitality Will Bring Remote Work To Vacation Rentals

Remote work Tuya Uplisting
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Tuya Hospitality, an industry vertical SaaS solution has announced its integration with Uplisting, an all-in-one property management solution designed to help growing short-term rental businesses streamline their operations.

Tuya’s global platform features will be available to Uplisting vacation rental hosts, allowing them to control access to any property from anywhere in the globe using their smartphone or laptop. In addition, visitors will be able to use their smartphones to manage the IoT gadgets in their rental, making for a more pleasurable stay-in experience.

Uplisting is a property and channel management software created exclusively for expanding short-term rental enterprises and is an Airbnb Preferred Partner. Uplisting was founded in 2017, after the co-founders met while working at HouseTrip (which was later sold to TripAdvisor), and now works with managers all over the world to help them raise income, reduce inefficiencies, provide 5-star guest experiences, and develop consistently.

Tuya Hospitality provides a variety of scalable B2B software and hardware solutions that make IoT technology more accessible to innovative enterprises wishing to incorporate smart technologies into their service offerings throughout the world. Tuya Hospitality’s SaaS platform acts as a one-stop-shop for IoT oriented vacation rental firms by using Tuya’s marketplace of over 2,200 product categories.

“The decision to integrate with Tuya was easy, they share the same key focuses as we do including revenue growth, automation, operations and guest experience. We’re very proud to have partnered with Tuya and to be able to offer our customers the software capabilities to control their rentals remotely.”Vince Breslin, Co-founder, Uplisting

“Uplisting’s attention to detail when it comes to delivering tailored property management solutions to vacation rental managers really stood out to us; the level of market expertise delivered through the platform assured us that a partnership between Uplisting and Tuya would help us achieve our goal of making IoT more accessible and understandable for the short-term rental market.”Dylan Sutton, International Growth Manager of Tuya

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