UK Law Firm Employees Who Want to Work Remotely Need to Take a 20% Pay Cut


A UK law firm, Stephenson Harwood, decided to allow employees to work from home full-time. However, there´s one condition. Those who decide to work remotely will need to take a 20% pay cut. The firm also offered its employees the option of a hybrid model, working up to two days remotely for the same salary. 

There are many different strategies companies are implementing to create a new workplace. In some cases, they allow employees to work remotely forever. Other companies want everyone back in the office. And others, while enabling remote work, are taking a more drastic measure by cutting the salaries. 

Stephenson Harwood New Work Policy  

According to a Stephenson Harwood spokesperson, the firm was being consistent with its approach, following other City law firms. They want to continue reinforcing onsite collaboration, but they want to also offer flexibility and a new way to work. Hence, they built up a model which allows employees to work on-site, hybrid, and full-time remote work.

However, employees who decide to work permanently remote work will have to face a 20% pay cut. 

The law firm is also considering employing people for a small number of roles who live outside London. This enabled them to attract candidates that otherwise would have been available. But, the benefits they offered them were different from those offered in the London office. 


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