Uber Staff Changes Remote Work Plans

Uber changes remote work plans
Photo by Victor Avdeev on Unsplash

Uber Technologies Inc will allow staff to work half their working hours remotely. This is a part of their revamped return-to-office strategy.

Uber’s office staff will need to spend 50% of their time in the on-site office.

Unlike other companies, there’s no “minimum days per week” model. An Uber employee can choose to work a whole week in office while working remotely the entire next week.

Uber had said in April that from September “employees can work from home up to two days a week, but with a clear expectation that they also come into the office three days a week.” They’ve now changed this model and made it more flexible for their employees by removing the weekly mandates.

Uber employees will be encouraged to work away from their homes when working remotely for at least four weeks in the year. This means that they will be encouraged to travel to other destinations or places.

The details of this plan were first reported by online news outlet Insider on Monday.

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