UAE Professionals Prioritize Remote Work Opportunities as Hybrid Models Gain Traction

flexible work options
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Flexible Work Options Drive Job Switches, With Employers Adapting to Post-Pandemic Demands

The demand for remote work has surged among professionals in the UAE, with 77% considering switching jobs this year due to the lack of flexible work options, according to a LinkedIn survey. Recruitment consultants have observed a growing trend in organizations adapting to the post-pandemic remote work environment. Vijay Gandhi, regional director of Korn Ferry, highlighted that in certain industries, remote workforces are likely to remain a permanent feature.

Hybrid work models that combine remote work and office presence have proven beneficial for both employers and employees, offering flexibility and enhanced work-life balance. Nicki Wilson, managing director of Genie Recruitment, noted that while not all workplaces have adopted flexible work arrangements, many companies have implemented a mix of office-based and remote work schedules.

Job portal has listed around 1,500 work-from-home jobs, with over 300 in the UAE. The sectors with the highest remote job postings include technology, information and media, professional services, wholesale, consumer services, and oil, gas, and mining. The most commonly advertised remote roles are call center representative, marketing specialist, sales executive, business development manager, and finance officer.

Najat Abdelhadi, head of communications and career expert at LinkedIn Mena, stressed the importance of employers catering to the needs of their workforce, including flexibility, to retain top talent. The pandemic has significantly altered the job market, with the required skills across sectors in the UAE changing by 27% on average from 2015 to 2022. Job seekers must stay informed on the latest skills needed for their roles to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving landscape.


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