Twitter Shuts Down Singapore Office, Asks Employees To WFH

twitter remote work
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Twitter cuts costs. Asks employees to work from home in its Asia-Pacific headquarters.

Social media giant Twitter has asked its employees in Singapore to work remotely, as the company has reportedly failed to pay rent for its office space in the CapitaGreen building. According to reports, employees were informed via email to leave the office building and work from home. Singapore serves as Twitter’s headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region. The move to remote work is now many of Twitter’s cost cutting measures.

This comes after the company faced a similar situation in the US, where it was sued for failing to pay rent on its San Francisco office space. The company’s headquarters, located at 1355 Market Street, was also reported to have fallen behind on rent payments. In December 2022, Twitter was also sued for refusing to pay for two charter flights.

The move to remote work is despite Elon Musk’s strong criticism of working from home. Earlier in July, Elon Musk had reportedly asked his Tesla staff to “return to office or pretend to work elsewhere.”


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