Tulsa Remote Will Invest in Remote Workers

tulsa invest remote workers

For the second year, Tulsa Remote will invest in remote workers this year. The organization will spend $11M to improve incentives and opportunities. 

After the pandemic, many American cities offered convenient relocation incentives for remote workers. This trend supports local economies and allows attracting talent in smaller communities. 

Following this trend, Tulsa is ready to make more investments in remote work and coworking spaces. First, nonprofit organization Tulsa Remote will release $10,000 grants to 1,100-1,500 remote workers – between $11 million and $15 million. In addition, the grant includes a yearly membership to a local coworking space. 

The program is highly competitive, reaching over 20,000 applicants for the program. Among requirements, applicants must have a full-time remote job and live outside Oklahoma. For this and the previous year, applicants’ age was around 35 with an $85,000 income. Finally, most recipients belong to tech-related positions. 

Cash and work-life balance incentives are popular strategies to invest in remote workers. And this trend will keep increasing for the following years. So, Tulsa invest on remote workers


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