Tripwire Interactive Creates ‘New Gen Work Model’

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Tripwire Interactive announced on Friday that they would be implementing a hybrid work model called the ‘Next Gen Work Model.’ The plan will enable the studio members to have complete flexibility in choosing whether to work remotely or in the office. 

Most companies face the challenge of deciding what type of working structure they will offer from now on. Most offices have started to re-open, as millions of people vaccinate every day. Quarantine is not mandatory, and with regulations and protocols, governments think it’s safe for companies to call their employees back to the office. 

New Gen Work Model – Tripwire Interactive Hybrid Structure 

Why choose between remote work or the office when you can have both? – that’s the stance that Tripwire Interactive has embraced after discovering that employees enjoy working remotely, but they also look forward to returning to the office. 

The Next Gen Work Model will allow employees to build their individual working plans. This means that the video game company is not giving mandatory guidelines for employees to follow. Employees can customize their working structure by choosing between hybrid, in-office, and remote work opportunities depending on their personal and professional needs. 

Tripwire CEO John Gibson said during a statement that:

By allowing flexible hybrid on-site/remote work plans we’re providing the best of both worlds with the collaborative and relational benefits of in-office work and the quality-of-life benefits of remote work. With offering these flexible hybrid, full time remote, and full time on-site work options we’re serving the desires and needs of next generation teams.

The company will continue operating in their Roswell (Georgia) headquarters, making it available for those who wish to work under the onsite model. 

As the authorities are doing all they can to control the covid-19 situations, many companies have returned safely to their onsite locations. In 2020 Tripwire Interactive discovered all the benefits of working from home and found out that employees also enjoy the perks of collaboration and socialization that the office allows. And based on this, the company is looking forward to fulfilling their employees’ needs by offering them a fully customizable and flexible working plan. They believe this approach will boost the company’s productivity and creativity. 


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