Travel App Sekr Wins Seed Funding Round

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The travel app Sekr closed a $2.25 million seed funding round. San Diego-based platform simplifies outdoor travel experiences. 

Sekr is a woman and minority-founded travel app. The mobile platform aims to simplify the outdoor traveling experience targeting digital nomads and occasional travelers alike

Since it started, the company has created an inclusive community including over 50,000 campsites. After the pandemic, more people got into outdoor travel spiked. And according to Statista, more people choose to live in campers and vans. 

Accordingly, the travel app Sekr recorded a 1530% increase in user sessions from May 2020 to May 2021. In addition, the app increased its users by 492% from August 2020 to August 2021.

The travel app was funded in 2018. With the new seed funding round, the company aims to expand its community and offer. For example, the Project Respect Outdoors brings together business owners and non-profit leaders to share experiences and promote new initiatives. 

As Sekr co-founder and CEO Breanne Acio said: “As women-led companies received only 2.4% of venture capital in 2020, a decline from 2019, this raise is not only significant for its testament to the need of technological innovation in the camping industry, but also an important move in diversifying whom venture capitalists fund. We’re proud to work with a growing team of investors, employees, partners, and outdoor enthusiasts that are in pursuit of a higher quality of life through safe outdoor travel and community.”

The round was led by: Storyteller Overland; Beckstage Capital; Techstars; As Astra Ventures; Crescent Ridge Ventures; and Andy Ballester, GoFundMe co-founder.

Image Source: Sekr


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