Toronto Moves Ahead with Plan for Gradual Return to the Office


The City of Toronto moves ahead with plans to have many of its employees in the office this week, despite public health officials in Peel Region encouraging residents to continue working remotely. As the Covid-19 situation continues with the Delta fourth wave, for authorities, it’s still important that businesses take all the precautions necessary to prevent spreading the virus. 

According to CTV News, approximately 10,000 City of Toronto employees working from home since the pandemic started returning to City Hall and other municipal buildings.

Mayor John Tory mentioned during a briefing last week that:

The safe return of our office staff to City Hall and other offices signals an important part of our city’s recovery. More people out and about means more people supporting local businesses and restaurants and shops and supporting the local economy. It is my hope that this announcement of our own approach to this done safely and done carefully will inspire other businesses to follow this example and do the same in a safe and responsible manner and help Toronto return to a more active and thriving city once again but safety does come first.

Public Health Officials Continue Encouraging Remote Work

The return of employees to City Hall and other buildings will go under all the necessary protocols. They will have new capacity limits and spaces workstations that ensure physician distance. Additionally, everyone will have to wear masks and participate in a daily screening program. 

However, according to the Ontario Science Advisory Table, people should continue reducing their contacts from 83% to 70% of pre-pandemic levels. This will help avoid a surge in cases because hospitalization could avoid their health system again. Dr. Loh specifically mentioned that data shows that residents should continue working remotely as it’s the best way to reduce their contacts.

I know that we are all tired of this. But for now, with so many residents still susceptible, all of us must remain vigilant as we move through this turbulent final part of the acute phase, regardless of our vaccination status.

Mayor John Tory still insists they are building a safe space for employees with all the necessary conditions, reorganizations, and disinfection procedures.


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