There Is A Potential 30% Earning Gap Between Remote And In-Office Roles

New data revealed there is a potential 30% earnings gap for remote workers, compared to in-office roles.

CNBC reported that remote workers could earn up to 30% more if they come into the office five days per week.

According to data from ZipRecruiter, salaries for fully in-office roles are rising in the United States.

Companies are offering an average of $82,037 for in-person roles.

This represents a nearly 40% jump from what these same roles paid in 2023, which was just $59,085.

This shows that employees who switched from a remote job to an in-office job in 2023 received a 29.2% pay bump.

This figure is nearly double that of those who left an in-person job to work remotely.

Despite higher pay for hybrid and in-person roles, many Americans still want to work fully remotely.

Data from LinkedIn showed that continued strong demand for available remote roles far surpassed the available supply. 

The result? Most people are willing to sacrifice higher pay in exchange for the ability to continue working fully remotely.


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