Theorem India Bags Excellence in Remote Work Arrangement Award

Remote work award
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Theorem India took home the Excellence in Remote Work Arrangement and Management Award at the second annual The Economic Times Human Capital Awards. Theorem’s HR Strategist, Nirupama Jina, attended the award event at the Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon.

Employers who created and implemented creative work-from-home strategies during and after the COVID-19 outbreak were honored with the Excellence in Remote Work Award. The organization’s degree of innovation, employee involvement, flexible scheduling, WFH approaches, initiatives productivity, and outcomes over the last 12 months were the main points of discussion.

“When the pandemic hit we were also affected by it like many other companies. We decided to optimize resources today and build tomorrow’s future across segments to ensure productivity under the OTBT frame work (Optimize Today Build Tomorrow). Work from home concept was introduced phase wise, confidence was instilled with our clients and employees benefits were kept intact. The result was tremendous… not only did we manage to retain employees but we are now successfully implementing this strategy with our existing clients.”  Nirupama Jina, HR Strategist, Theorem

”We are extremely happy to win the award for remote work management. We faced challenges like never before when the pandemic came. Navigating the hybrid work environment across geographies became our priority and we focused on strategies which will not affect work outcome.”  Jay Kulkarni, CEO, Theorem

The goal of the Economic Times Human Capital Awards is to motivate CEOs to invest in their people, processes, and culture in order to increase their human capital. Its goal is to make it possible for India Inc. to turn untapped people potential into human capital, stimulating productivity, innovation, and corporate success.

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