The Omnis: New Global Remote Work Awards

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Omnipresent, a global employment services partner, introduces the new global remote work awards: The Omnis. The purpose of these awards is to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of global companies that have successfully adapted remote work. The call for entries opens today to employers worldwide that have focused on creating new processes and policies for their teams to work remotely. 

Many companies over the world had to adapt to a new working environment because of the pandemic. As offices were closed due to constant lockdowns, businesses started operating fully remote. Consequently, in many cases, this remote model was a success, and employers started giving all their efforts to make remote work permanent. And all these efforts are exactly what Omnipresent want to celebrate with these new awards.

Omnipresent and Its Remote Work Celebration Initiative

Omnipresent has created a new ceremony called The Omnis, which awards and recognizes all organizations that adapted to working remotely. As Kate Gray, Omnipresent Head of People and Talent, explained recently

The growth of global remote work has created many opportunities for organizations and their people. The future of work is remote, and companies are consistently trying new things, failing, and learning how to approach remote work as a corporate culture shift – from the practicalities to mindset. This new awards program will recognize success among employers who have raised the bar for their team members in every corner of the globe. Receiving an Omni recognizes remote hiring standards and elevates employer branding in a new way.

For those organizations interested in winning an Omni, you can apply in these six different categories:

  1. Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition
  2. Outstanding Learning & Development
  3. Outstanding Crisis Response & Communications
  4. Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working
  5. Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits
  6. Outstanding Reward & Recognition

Any employer who has remote team members in different countries can apply to the awards ceremony. These will be divided into six individual and interactive online events over six weeks, between November 4 and December 16, 2021.

What does the winner get? 

Winners of an Omni will receive a financial incentive to continue with their growth plans. Each category, besides gaining recognition, will also receive $10,000 worth of Omnipresent credits to support this growth. There will be also other prizes from event parents that support remote work. 

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You're interested in news & tips about remote work? What luck! That's what we do! Better join our newsletter so we can hang out