New Work-From-Home Tools for Remote Workers

work-from-home tools

As most employers opt for hybrid and remote models, employees ask for better work-from-home tools. For example, Xebec’s triple-screen laptop computer attachment is one of the best tech tools to work from the sofa!

Here is a list of tech tools to improve your performance: 

Xebec’s triple-screen laptop computer attachment

  • USB-powered 10-inch screens (1920 x 1200 pixels)
  • Slimmer and lighter displays compatible with other work-from-home tools
  • Charge from laptop 
  • Second-screen software program turns your present tablets into prolonged shows. 
  • For Apple Mac and iPad programs, and Windows.

Espresso Stand Alone

  • Display screen’s 1080p decision. 
  • Two USB-C ports on the display screen facet (for connection and computer).
  • For Mac, Windows and Chrome computers

Sidecar for Mac and iPad

  • Programs for MAc and IPad, linked to Apple ID
  • 10.2-inch pill mannequin
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with other tools
  • USB cable

As remote work and hybrid models spread, most tech companies improve their work-from-home tools.


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