India’s Largest Private Employer Is Calling Its Staff Back to the Office


TCS India’s largest private employer is calling employees back to the office. As 90% of the company has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the company thinks it’s safe to return. TCS plans to ask 80-90% of its employees to return initially but implement a hybrid work model afterward. 

India was one of the countries with the most difficulties during the pandemic. However, now that the vaccination rate keeps increasing and the cases have slowly declined, businesses are tracing their next step. After 18 months of remote work, TCS is ready to return to the office.

TCS Returns to the Office

TCS employs more than 500,000 people, which makes it India’s largest private employer. After 18 months of remote work, NG Subramaniam TCS Chief Operating Officer told BBC that the company is ready to return to the office. Initially, they are expecting 90% of the staff in India to return.

Surprisingly, Subramaniam said that 50% of the staff is ready to return to the office. As Covid cases keep falling, many Indian IT firms, like Wipro, are arranging the return of their employees. However, the success of this will depend on whether or not there is a third Covid wave. 

TCS has offices in 250 locations in over 50 countries. Although they are currently expecting most of the staff in India to return, they are still planning for 25% of the company to work remotely by 2025. 

The IT sector has over 40% of India’s office leases. According to the latest findings, the remote working trend will lead to a drop in the demand for commercial space.

Few companies have canceled their leases, but the demand for new office space is likely to be 40% below pre-pandemic as companies continue evaluating hybrid and remote work possibilities for the future. 


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