Target Allows HQ Employees To Choose How They Want to Work

Target store

According to Target, “the future of HQ work” will be hybrid. Employees will now have the option to work from home or in person. A Target spokesperson mentioned that the company is designing the future of HQ work to be hybrid. This means they will blend onsite and virtual work for employees to do their best work. 

While some companies keep demanding employees return to the office, others offer the freedom to let them choose. The latest company announcing a permanent hybrid arrangement is Target, which will allow its HQ employees to choose how they want to work.  

Target´s New Hybrid Policy

Like many other companies, Target changed policies over the past year, adapting to the COVID-19 situation. But now that things are closer to pre-pandemic times, the company will still allow its thousands of HQ employees to work both from home and the office. 

According to the latest statement:

“While we won’t ask team members to be in the office with a set schedule or percentage of the time, we know our physical offices will play an important role in how we work moving forward. Our teams will continue testing new ways of working throughout the spring and will start to develop more regular hybrid work routines.” 

The new announcement moves in the same direction as Target’s plan last year in terms of hybrid collaboration. 


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