Remote Working Centers in Syracuse

remote workers discussing work in remote working centers
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There is a consistent rise in the number of remote jobs since last year and economists predict that remote work will continue to grow after the pandemic ends. Syracuse can be a potential destination for remote workers as they plan to build remote working centers.

Syracuse is expected to invest some money from the recent federal stimulus bill to build remote work centers and co-working spaces in the city’s neighborhood libraries.

“The investment in our library branches sparks change in how we do economic development in Syracuse. Traditionally, we’ve done a top-down corporate-focused investment, which is let’s lure companies to Syracuse and jobs will come from them and investment and wealth will flow down to citizens. This is a bottom-up approach, so we’re saying let’s give citizens the ability to directly access jobs in their neighborhoods. And increasingly this is what the future of work is going to look like. People are no longer going to be chasing opportunities around the country. They’re going to decide where they want to live first and then they’re going to find a job based off of that.”Michael Greene, Syracuse Councilor

Syracuse will need to make investments on projects that are focused on “quality of life”. The infrastructure will need some work and this includes educational institutes and business centers.

“Investing in neighborhood business corridors, investing in our schools, investing in our infrastructure, so if you can choose where you want to live based on quality of that, Syracuse would be working to make that a great place to live and then also you can access remote-work job opportunities through the library.”Michael Greene

According to Greene, this investment of around $16 million could also help those city employees who lack proper internet access at home right now. If this project is successful, the city will look at building these remote working centers in every library in the city.

This is an excellent move by Syracuse as it opens up more doors for remote workers. It gives more choice to remote employees from across the country and the world. More cities are coming forward to build remote working centers as the demand for and supply of remote jobs continues to increase.

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