Switchboard Powers Remote Work

power remote work

Switchboard is a cloud coworking space. The tech company aims to power remote work. As a result, the platform will provide collaboration tools for virtual and distributed teams. 

Last year, the cloud coworking space secured $13.8M in seed funding to power remote work. After over two years of remote arrangements, the company sees the importance of interactive collaboration tools. So, Switchboard’s technology team created a platform to move forward with passive communication and screen-sharing. The idea is to create a remote work environment to allow real engagement and teamwork.

The platform to power remote work includes: 

  • Access to any web-based applications or tools
  • Integration with multiple web-based applications 
  • Users can collaborate with their co-workers, with one interactive web browser.
  • No need to share your screen to share browser tabs, images, or PDFs.
  • Database for meeting content organized in daily, weekly, and ongoing files. 
  • Secure hosted cloud infrastructure for data storage.

As CEO and Founder Amir Ashkenazi said: “Switchboard exists because we deserve a work environment that helps us actually do the work together. Right now, we often spend more time figuring out how to work together than doing the work itself. With Switchboard, you have everything you need side by side: all your workplace tools and most importantly, your people. Our digital coworking space blends the productive elements of remote working, while fostering the human connection we need to thrive.”

Even after the pandemic, tools to power remote work are a top priority for employees and employers alike. 


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