More Young Chinese Will Become Digital Nomads.

chinese digital nomads

A recent survey revealed that the number of Chinese digital nomads is growing, especially among young people. 

After the pandemic, a growing number of people decided to try an alternative life path to have a better work-life balance. Following travel restrictions, most countries launched several initiatives to attract long-stay travelers working remotely. And the number of digital nomads has been increasing since then.

According to the National School of Development at Peking University and Zhaopin, the number of Chinese digital nomads will increase by 76.4%. Especially among young people, new career trends include remote work and the opportunity to travel. 

Furthermore, the report confirms that 53.9% of Chinese workers are in part-time jobs. And the proportion for the post-00s generation is reaching 54.5%. For example, 15% of young people earn with side jobs like education, law, finance, consulting, or photography.

Finally, 40 to 60% of full-time positions will be part-time, thanks to digital infrastructure. Especially after the pandemic, most occupations evolved digitally, changing the workforce. 

While Chinese digital nomads’ number will increase over the years, the trend is happening worldwide. 


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