Study Reveals Remote Work Allows for Time Savings of 72 Minutes per Day for Commuters

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A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research has found that working from home is saving commuters around the world 72 minutes per day. This time is being split between work, leisure, and caregiving. 

While working from home has been associated with productivity increase and better work-life balance, among other benefits, a recent study highlighted how remote workers save up to 72 minutes per day by avoiding commutes. This simultaneously brings a new set of benefits for both employees and employers.

Remote Work Saves 72 Minutes Per Day in Commute

The study surveyed workers from 27 countries over the past two years and found that workers in China are saving the most time with 102 minutes per day, while workers in Serbia saved the least with 51 minutes per day.

The study estimates that remote work is saving workers about two hours of travel time per week, but this will be cut in half once the pandemic ends and employers bring staff back to the office. The private value of this time savings is estimated to be around 2.2% of after-tax earnings in the post-pandemic economy.

The study also found that businesses are the biggest beneficiaries of this time savings, as workers are dedicating 40% of their saved time to primary and secondary jobs. About a third of the time is spent on leisure activities, and 11% is spent on caregiving.

The economists behind the study note that long commutes, unpredictable travel times, and congested road conditions are major pain points for commuters and that the private value of time savings is higher than the after-tax wage. As such, it’s important to consider the benefits of remote work for both employees and employers.


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