Stellantis Adopts a Flexible Work Model

April 27, 2021, Brazil. In this photo illustration the Stellantis logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen

Stellantis, Jeep and Ram maker, has recently launched their plan ‘’New Era of Agility’’ that seeks to combine in-person and remote work. The company will be allowing approximately 17,000 employees in North America to work up to 70% of their time remotely. 

The latest company in the car industry in announcing their new remote work plans is Stellantis. Previously known as Fiat Chrysler, had earlier reported returning to the office approximately in September 2021. However, the wheels have turned, and the company is betting on a hybrid model. 

Stellantis Employees Will Be Working Remotely Most of the Time

The automaker is launching the ‘’New Era of Agility’’ initiative that revolves around hybrid work. Most white-collar employees, approximately 17,000 in North America, will be working remotely.  

The plan seeks a mixture of remote work and on-site work for collaborative purposes. The guidelines enable employees to work 70% from home and 30% on the Stellantis offices. However, it’s not mandatory for all employees; those who wish to work most of their time at the office are free to do so.

Shannon Dziuda, lead of HR special projects, told CNBC:

We want the decision to come into a facility to be intentional and based on what works best for individuals and the company and supports the health and wellbeing of the team.

Before going through the plan entirely, Stellantis has planned a four-to-six pilot program for 450 employees located in the headquarters in Auburn Hills. This will help them make modifications and see if the work areas and offices meet the needs of all employees.  

Stellantis is the last automaker that recently announced its hybrid work plans. During the past month, Ford and GM also shared how they are looking forward to a hybrid 2021 as well. 


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