GM’s New Remote Work Plan

GM building

General Motors announced their remote work plans after covid-19. According to their “Work Appropriately” program, GM will allow white-collar employees to work both from home and the office. 

Ford was the first automaker in announcing that they will allow remote work even after the pandemic ends. This Tuesday, GM is joining the other remote-friendly companies by revealing their latest plans.

General Motors “Work Appropriately” Plan

GM CEO Mary Barra and other GM leaders announced in their “Work Appropriately” plan that many employees will continue working remotely. This will highly depend on the employee’s tasks and if they are not tied to working with on-site equipment.

Among the 155,000 employees worldwide, those commonly known as white-collar employees could permanently work from home or run a hybrid schedule. Blue-collar workers, who are approximately 87,000, will need to continue working from the factory. 

The plan is not clearly outlined, but GM’s leaders have highlighted that the “Work Appropriately” program is determined to affect the company’s culture for the better. 

Laura Jones, GM’s Global Talent Director, told reporters that:

“It’s not a policy or a one-size-fits-all approach, but truly the evolution of our culture for everyone.”Laura Jones

This decision of implementing remote work arrangements comes mainly from several surveys conducted by thy company. Most employees prefer to continue working remotely or to have a hybrid work model. 

Remote Recruitment in GM

Another aspect of the “Work Appropriately” program is when it comes to recruitment. GM will allow flexibility to new employees and recruit candidates who will not be working directly at GM locations. 

CM’s global talent acquisition director, Cyril George, stated that remote recruitment had opened a talent pool for the company. According to CNBC, George said that the company hired more new employees in the U.S. in the months of 2021 than in all 2020 and 2019 combined. About 20% of the 3.3000 new job offers are for fully remote positions. 

Although their new plan doesn’t define precisely how much of GM’s employees will be returning to the office, the automaker has made it clear that their plan involves shifting their company culture.  Previously working remotely was not consider an option, and now it’s almost a new reality for many employees even after the pandemic. 


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