StaffCircle HR Software Platform for Remote Workers Raised £1,275,000

StaffCircle remote workers

StaffCircle collaborates with companies to manage remote workers. In a year, the British HR company raised over £1,275,000 to fund its rapid expansion. The Leicester-based HR software platform secures funds from Blackfinch Investments; the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, part of Mercia and Midlands Engine Investment Fund; and other individual investors.

Since the first lockdown, the UK records a boom of remote working job ads. The British company has tripled its revenue, expanding its target to the US and the Middle East. The additional funding will improve the HR platform, open new remote job positions, and scale the business for the upcoming year. 

In 2017, CEO Mark Seemann created StaffCircle to improve the relationship between remote workers and companies. With feedback, culture, and performance, the HR company helps distributed workplaces to engage on-site and remote employees. 

StaffCircle is a platform for remote workers before the new virtual routine became the norm. The Midlands Engine Investment Fund supporters since the earliest stage contributing to its growth. Remote work is now an established practice in the UK, but managing distributed teams always have significant challenges for companies and employees. 

Following the initial £670,000 investment in May last year by Blackfinch and £750,000 by MEIF, the company aims to introduce new levels of structure and visibility, connecting remote employees and helping teams meet targets expanding the market.


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