Spark Plaza Hosts a Remote Work Meetup

remote work meetup at a coworking space
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Remote workers gathered for a remote work meetup in Spark Plaza, Tennessee on Monday. The networking event gave them an opportunity to interact and exchange tips on remote work.

The event was named “Remote Worker Meetup; Cultivating Locals”. It was organized by Founders Forge, Flavor Inc., Spark Plaza and local remote workers.

Those who attended wore nametags which also had their living history. Each attendee could mark their previous residences with pins on maps that were set up at the event. These were some of the interesting ideas that helped every remote worker feel important, friendly and approachable.

The Focus of This Remote Work Meetup

  • The main focus of the event was the new way of working that emerged because of the pandemic.
  • The main message of this remote meetup was to exhibit the idea that anyone could be a local to the Tri-Cities.
  • More elaborately, people don’t come to the area because their workplace is located here but because this is a place they love and choose to live in while working for an organization that is away in another region.

The Remote Worker Meetup is another effort in addition to Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association’s initiatives to attract remote workers with cash prizes and other perks.

Such networking events can help remote workers with newer ways to connect and collaborate. With many cities and even countries coming up with new ideas on remote and hybrid work models, it is important for each region to focus on the benefits that they can provide to digital nomads.

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