Spain Approved Startup Law and Remote Work Visa

Madrid city

Spain approved the Start-up law that will increase entrepreneurial ventures and will also allow third-country nationals to work remotely for a foreign company. Visa will allow a maxim stay of one year that can be renowned for two more years as long as applicants fulfill all requirements.

Spain continues working to build the best conditions for remote workers who want to work in the country. Besides applying for a digital nomad visa, the government also approved the startup that allows foreign nationals to work in Spain for a company based outside the country. 

The new law intends to facilitate the creation and development of startups in Spain. It also aims to encourage working professionals to visit and live in the country for a year (or more), helping its economy and tourism. 

The new startup law measurements are anticipated to go into effort starting in January 2023.

According to Francisco Polo, the High Commissioner for Spain’s Entrepreneurial Nation: 

“Serial entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs represent a high percentage of startup founders in our country. They are a guarantee of success because the undertaking is a continuous learning process, and their startups usually achieve better results. Betting on them will be very beneficial for the sector and for our country. “


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