In Spain Train Travel Will be Free For Tourists and Locals 


The Spanish government announced that train travel will be free in certain parts of the country from September 1 to December 31, 2022. The promotion is available for multi-trip ticket journeys on Cercanías, which are the short-distance trains and medium-distance routes. 

As the country is experiencing increases in fuel prices, the initiative aims to help locals with their daily expenses. However, tourists can also take advantage of this promotion when visiting Spain. 

Free Train Travel In Spain 

The promotion is not valid for a single or round-trick ticket. For Cercanías, Rodalies, and Media Distancia services, visitors are required to choose a monthly or multi-trip ticket on the Renfe website. Single, round-trip and AVE trains do not apply.

Regional connections that connect Spain´s provinces or autonomous communities are included by Media Distancia services. For example, routes that link Valencia, Cantabria, or Andalucía with big cities like Madrid.

Spain´s president, Pedro Sánchez, mentioned:

“I´d like the people of Spain to know that I´m fully aware of the daily difficulties that most people have. I know salaries cover less and less and that it´s difficult to get to the end of the month.” 

Additionally, locals will have a 30% discount on all public transportation. 

Popular train routes will include: 

  • Alicante – Madrid
  • Barcelona – Girona
  • Barcelona – Tarragona
  • Granada – Córdoba – Sevilla
  • Granada – Málaga
  • Madrid – Córdoba
  • Madrid – Segovia
  • Madrid – Toledo
  • Ourense – Santiago – A Coruña
  • Salamanca – Madrid
  • Sevilla – Cádiz

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