Southwest Airlines Customer Service is Going Fully Remote

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines’ reservations centers will go fully remote starting Sept.1. As most reservation agents have been working remotely due to the pandemic, the company realized they could continue operating under this model. According to the labor union representing the customer service agents, Southwest Airlines made the decision without union input. 

The pandemic forced companies from all industries to go remote to some extent. From tech companies to airlines, their structures and processes completely changed. 

Southwest Airlines & Remote Work

More than 3,200 customer service and reservation agents based in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix have been working remotely since the pandemic started.  

In a note to members, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the labor union representing the airline’s customer service agents, said:

“Southwest Airlines just announced they are closing all the Reservations Centers and transitioning to 100% remote work.”

The agents’ main job is to help travelers book reservations or help them with tip changes. And the physical locations will be repurposed for other uses.

According to CNBC, Southwest mentioned in a statement:

“Evolving to a fully remote workforce brings increased flexibility, both in attracting and hiring new employees from across the country and in scheduling current Employees who have worked at record efficiency in a remote work environment,”


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