UK 19th-Century Chapel Becomes Hybrid Office Space

hybrid office space

A 19th-century chapel becomes a hybrid office space in the south of England. Built in 1846, the chapel has been empty for over 30 years. 

In the UK South-West, the Southampton Common now welcomes remote workers and digital nomads. Following the other initiatives’ example, the 19th-century building is now The Design Chapel. The space provides hybrid office space for networking or training events. 

The project is a response to pandemic challenges for remote workers. For example, many workers felt isolated or struggled to separate between professional and personal life. The Southampton chapel aims to provide a space for a better work-life balance. And to create room for networking and skills improvement. 

The chapel is 90 square meter floor space. And it can host over 50 people with 5 meter central tables for 14 people. So, a hybrid office space, it’s an ideal working space for team meetings, seminars, workshops, or a simple lunch break. 

As Chapel owner Chris Orr said: “Hybrid working is becoming increasingly popular but lots of people can struggle with working and living in their home. Coworking spaces offer an alternative to bring some balance.”

The chapel was restored in 2003. The Southampton and Solent Building Preservation Trust converted into office space back then. Now, the project transforms the interior again to create a hybrid office space. 

Members can purchase day passes for £30. Or, they can request a £150+VAT monthly rate per person, accessing a rolling monthly contract. In addition, the chapel offers free trial days for those who are seeking a new workplace. 

Even with lighter restrictions, most people prefer hybrid office space solutions to keep a healthier work-life balance. 

Image source: The Design Chapel


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