Sophya: New Virtual Co-working Space

virtual co-working space

SoWork CEO and co-founder Vishal Punwani announced a new team’s internal communication tool for a virtual co-working space, Sophya.

SoWork develops an intern communication tool for virtual co-working spaces. Inspired by video games, the startup aims to create a better experience for distributed teams. Recently, Punwani announced a $15 million seed round of funding. The investment comes from Talis Capital, a U.K.-based firm that helps raise grants for startups. 

In addition, SoWork has a new, colossal client: Tinder. The meeting app wants to experiment with the virtual co-working space to explore how culture looks like in a virtual setting. Likewise, HQ platforms like Teamflow, With, and Gather are partnering with SoWork. As a result, these companies are testing alternative work environments for collaborative work experience out of the office.   

The virtual co-working space Sophya has numerous functionalities: 

  • Proximity-based audio 
  • High-quality video 
  • Self-expression of avatars
  • Customizable offices 
  • Visualization of online participants

Finally, outside spaces and community events add to the virtual experience. Unlike other virtual platforms, SoWork is committed to finding alternative workplaces to fight climate change. The startup plans to showcase its growth in combination with carbon emissions and commute times. The company also chose a Canadian bank 100% divested from fossil fuels. And the US corporations will follow soon. 

The SoWork team believes in climate change and diversity. Thanks to the remote work revolution, they have the concrete opportunity of suggesting an alternative workplace for a more sustainable life.

Image Credits: SoWork


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