Smartphone Keyboard to Work Outdoor 

smartphone keyboard work outdoors

A smartphone keyboard to work outdoors facilitates work and travel. 

After the pandemic, digital nomads’ numbers increased worldwide. Most people decide to change their lifestyle and work remotely. As a result of this trend, most companies produced new devices for outdoor work

The Geyes Folding Keyboard is one of the best solutions to work outside without a laptop. Weighing seven ounces, the device is about two-thirds of a standard keyboard’s size. So, it’s easy to carry, and it does not require a backpack. In addition, it has a kickstand to hold the smartphone horizontally and use it as a small computer screen.

The smartphone keyboard works outdoors and connects to the phone with Bluetooth, and it’s easy to connect and bring around. And the battery last, on average, for a week and 100 days on standby. So, for those traveling for a few days, it’s possible to leave cable and chargers behind. Furthermore, the Geyes keyboard ensures portability and quality for an affordable price. 

The smartphone keyboard to work outdoors is a great solution for a short time. However, it cannot substitute for a laptop on a daily basis for digital nomads and remote workers. But, for those who want to leave for a couple of days, it is a perfect solution to keep up with tasks and disconnect in nature. 

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