20% Halloween Discount For BLUETTI Portable Power Stations

portable power stations

BLUETTI launches a 20% Halloween discount on portable power stations, ideal for travelers and digital nomads. 

The European company produces high-quality portable power stations, ideal for working and traveling outdoors. As the spooky season begins, BLUETTI offers a Halloween Special Discount up to $3900 on their best products until November 4. 

In addition, they launched BLUETTI HALLOWEEN DAY SHARING. The campaign runs from October 28 to November 25. To participate, you need to upload a picture of their products on Instagram, tagging @bluetti Europe and adding #Bluetti Holloween #Bluetti Share #Solar Power. After that, they will choose 20 customers to have products and discounts. 

Which Portable Power Stations Can You Get With BLUETTI Halloween Special Discount?

The modular BLUETTI AC300 allows the customization of power needs pairing with the B300 battery module (from 12,288Wh to 24,576Wh). This power station has a UPS connection, and it relies on LFP battery cells to provide over 3500 life cycles. Finally, it supports solar up to 2400W with a built-in MPPT controller – BLUETTI AS300 charges 0-80% in 60 minutes, and you have a monitor to check the battery status. 

For the Halloween Special, AC300 batteries are $3900 OFF. You can get the AC300, two B300 battery modules, and three PV200 solar panels for $1745 off the original price.

Saving over $200, you can get the AC200 Max for outdoor activities. With a constant output of 2,200W, it has built-in batteries and supports solar charging (900W).

Finally, for just $499, the BLUETTI EB55 is ideal for camping and working outdoors. It provides 537Wh of power and a 700W (up to 1400W) robust inverter. In addition, you can charge 13 devices simultaneously, reaching full capacity in two hours via a USB-C and four USB-A ports. 

As remote options are still the most popular, devices and portable power stations are vital tools to work and travel anywhere. 

Image source: BLUETTI


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