Slack Survey’s Revelations About Remote Work Disconnect

Remote work disconnect
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

According to a Future Forum Survey, there’s a remote work disconnect between executives and non-executives about returning to office. Future forum is backed is backed by communications platform Slack.

76% of employees do not want to return to full-time office work, the survey revealed. However, executives are in eager to return.

“While executives are banging down the door to get back to their corner offices, non-executive employees are demanding flexibility in where and when they work.”Brian Elliott, Executive Leader, Future Forum

The survey also showed that 76% of the employees want flexibility in where they work and 93% want flexibility in when they work.

“Studies show that many executives are holding on to the remnants of the past and failing to see this as an inflection point in the workforce. If employers don’t pay attention and take action to re-create the best of what we’ve learned working virtually in the office and in hybrid work environments, then opportunities for inequity could skyrocket.” Ella Washington, Professor and organizational psychologist, McDonough School of Business

The survey also revealed that remote work had improved the work experience for black employees.

  • 76% of black knowledge workers said they value relationships with co-workers which is up from 48% last year.
  • 73% of black survey respondents felt more fairly treated at work which is almost double of last year’s 47%.

The Future Forum survey was conducted with 10,569 knowledge workers from the US, Australia, Germany, France, the UK and Japan between July and August this year.

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