Audio Messages Are Taking Over Slack – And Remote Work

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Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, announced over the PressClub podcast that Slack is working on asynchronous audio messages and synchronous audio chat rooms, among other new features.

Last year the pandemic made thousands of companies shift towards the remote work model. This meant they needed to change their structure entirely and include new tools, strategies, and working methods. And most of them succeeded, experimenting with higher levels of productivity and satisfaction.

Despite the world slowly returning to its regular pace, the pandemic taught businesses that remote work was good, not only because of results but also because employees could have a better work-life balance.

Regardless of the benefits, they were (and still) are many challenges to overcome. For instance, the well-known ‘Zoom fatigue’ caused teams to waste time on endless meetings and work during weird hours when trying to sync with their distributed employees. These reasons made Slack include features like the audio chat rooms that enable more flexibility to make the remote work experience more efficient and less stressful.

During the PressClub podcast episode, conducted by Josh Constine, Stewart Butterfield discussed with other hybrid work experts the future of remote work and whether offices will return or if most businesses will remain remote.  

Stewart revealed that Slack was working on synchronous features such as chat rooms to encourage ‘’spontaneity and serendipity’’ in conversations.  But that’s not it; although there is not a releasing date for the moment, Slack is also working on other features to make virtual teams feel closer and connected: 

Pressclub podcast transcript piece
Source: Substack

Remote work has put many teams and leaders who are learning to keep up with the constant changes to the test. As time passes, new tools and new features, such as these from Slack, take the remote work experience to a whole new level. 


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