SixFifty Launches 50 State Employee Hiring Kit For Remote Businesses

Remote businesses hiring kit
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

SixFifty, a digital firm whose solutions are designed to take on complicated legal challenges by offering people and organizations with tailored contracts, rules, and documentation, today introduced its 50 State Hiring Kit.

This kit streamlines the hiring process in an increasingly distant working environment. Employers may choose which states they want to hire in, and the programme will automatically develop a complete document describing the essential laws and action items to do business and keep an employee in each state or the District of Columbia.

SixFifty’s 50 State Hiring Kit is offered as an add-on to existing subscribers or as a standalone product as part of SixFifty’s full employment solutions, which include employment agreements, employee handbooks and policies, and hybrid work policies.

“SixFifty’s hiring kit is the ultimate blueprint for a company’s nationwide hiring needs—made all the more important as companies like Airbnb and Lyft move to remote working conditions. Hiring in new states presents challenges and significant costs, and SixFifty’s kit, along with our broader employment and privacy offerings, removes the guesswork and roadblocks because we do the legal legwork for you.”Kimball Parker, CEO, SixFifty

The Employee Handbook and Employment Agreements SaaS solutions from SixFifty allow businesses generate customised contracts, rules, and documentation that are compliant with federal and state employment requirements. SixFifty keeps a close eye on this ever-changing area of the law and updates the tools in real time. Users get updates detailing the changes as well as recommended wording for updating the handbook and agreements, and any new documents created in SixFifty’s system contain these modifications automatically.

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