A Special Place for Digital Nomads in Seoul

special place digital nomads

Seoul has become a special place for digital nomads. 

In the heart of Seoul’s historic Bukchon neighborhood, Binkwan has become a special place for digital nomads. 

Seoul’s Bukchon Hanok Village turns traditional Korean houses, hanok, into accommodation for digital nomads. The traditional houses were built in 1939, during the Japanese occupation in the Korean Peninsula.

Now, Korean hanok are a special place for digital nomads. The project transformed the traditional houses into small-sized, space-efficient, and modernized apartments for remote workers and travelers. The renovation started in 2019, and now it provides 5 rooms able to host 6 guests. Furthermore, members can find a community lounge on the ground floor, open to guests and residents to work and relax. 

The initiative comes from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, collaborating with the designing company Rakkojae. The village is in the heart of the city, connecting members with the numerous leasing activities in the neighborhood. Because of the central location, the complex is an ideal starting point for slow travelers and a special place for digital nomads.

As Michael Ahn, executive vice president at Rakkojae, said: “Since our opening, we have already had several international guests staying for more than 15 days at Binkwan and remote working. Recently, we had a couple from the United States and a businessperson from Qatar. Ensuring a comfortable stay for digital nomads is one of our goals in the post-pandemic era. We expect more foreign guests to stay in the coming months, especially during the peak summer season.”

Even in a post-pandemic scenario, remote workers and long-stay travelers are still the targets of most local initiatives. And now, traditional Korean houses have become a special place for digital nomads. 


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