Selina Partners with TechnoArt to Launch the First Global Innovation Programs for Digital Nomads

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Selina, one of the world´s biggest hospitality brands targeting travelers, announced that it has partnered with TechnoArt, a leading growth platform for startups. TechnoArt@Selina creates one of the first global innovation programs to support the digital nomad community. 

With the rise of digital nomads and digital nomad entrepreneurs, TechnoArt@Selina focuses on building a space of opportunities to help them grow and scale their businesses. 

TechnoArt@Selina: Global Innovation Program

Selina has over 100 locations around the world where often, location-independent professionals visit and network. Likewise, TechnArt focuses on creating innovation funds for companies that want to grow their businesses.

Their partnership includes two main programs: Born and Grow. 

Born is a 12-week innovation program that aims to help early-stage startups to take their idea and vision to a business plan for long-term growth. 

Grown is a digital platform focused in meeting the needs of a digital nomad community. It provides access to a curated curriculum and a marketplace of premium services, benefits, and products to advance remote workers’ professional development.

TechnoArt@Selina members can apply for funding via the partnership’s dedicated website These applications will be vetted by the committee and presented by TechnoArt to its strategic investment partners. They expect to allocate between $1 million and $5 million per investment. 

Shani Peled, TechnoArt, highlighted the benefits of this program (Yahoo): 

“The TechnoArt@Selina program is unique as it offers graduating companies the opportunity to develop, implement, promote and market their products across the Selina network. This partnership opens the gateway to a global market of digital nomads and young professionals, forming the ideal hub for borderless innovators.”


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