Selina’s Co-living Platform Will Help Companies Hire New Remote Talent Easily

Digital nomads

Selina, one of the fastest-growing global hospitality companies, is developing a new online platform for members of its co-living remote work program. The platform’s purpose is to facilitate networking, skill-sharing and provide events and talk opportunities. 

One of the latest trends in the remote work world is coliving. Co-living has become the new way for digital nomads to travel and be part of a community. And companies like Selina are well known to have digital nomad and remote work programs specifically for coliving. 

Selina’s New Online Platform for Co-living Members

Mark Biery, the head of Selina’s Co-Live remote work program, said that since August 2020, more than 3,000 people had spent at least one month in the program. Currently, the program has 450 members, and that number keeps growing. 

The pandemic accelerated the co-living trend as more people and companies started embracing remote work and wanted to travel while keeping costs down.

Biery explained that Selina Co-live members who book blocks of 30 nights now include employees from big companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

”We have people with high-intensity jobs in our program. There are lawyers doing depositions in our phone booths,”Mark Biery, head of Selina’s Co-Live remote work program

As a result, Selina is creating a new online platform for members. Aspects like business, entrepreneurship, and technology have great interest in the community. Consequently, the platform wants to provide a space for members to network, among other things. 

“We want to be the people who connect and create collaboration between co-livers, so when someone says ‘my company’s looking for a graphic designer,’ someone replies there’s a graphic designer right next to me,”Liora Nuchowicz, Co-Live’s global community lead


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