Safest Countries for Female Digital Nomads 

female digital nomads analyzed and identified 5 safest countries for female digital nomads. 

According to recent statistics, the number of digital nomads is steadily growing. Thanks to remote work. Over 15.5 million Americans define themselves as digital nomads in 2021 – up 112% from 2019. Song them, over 70% are women. The Global Peace Index (GPI) and the Global Health Security Index (GHI) highlight that the main concern for female travelers is safety. 

Based on the data, analyzed and selected the five safest countries for female digital nomads traveling alone and looking doe new experiences.

1. Australia

Global Health Index: 2nd position  

Global Peace Index: 27th position

2. Germany

Global Health Index: 8th position  

Global Peace Index: 16th position

3. Hungary

Global Health Index: 34th position  

Global Peace Index: 13th position

4. New Zealand

Global Health Index: 13th position  

Global Peace Index: 2nd position

5. Portugal

Global Health Index: 33rd position  

Global Peace Index: 6th position

The rank includes different factors, from visa schemes to natural landscapes. As the nomad lifestyle is a global trend, these countries also offer a vibrant vibe for solo travelers. And are the safest counties for female digital nomads.


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