Rural Pennsylvania Attracts City Remote Workers

Pennsylvania remote workers
Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash

According to Samantha Spengler’s article in the Philadelphia Magazine, a new effort is aiming to take advantage of the large shift to remote work that occurred during the pandemic and assist in addressing the problem of ongoing population reduction in rural Pennsylvania.

The Wilds Are Working initiative gives city inhabitants in the Keystone State who are currently working remotely the option to live and work in rural areas for one month while having their expenses covered in the hopes that they would enjoy it enough to stay.

The initiative’s objective is to promote the benefits and charms of living in a small town to the employees and, in turn, their networks of friends and family. It is being managed by the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship. The whole program is designed for the modern digital era, in which a person’s actual location is no longer a crucial factor in work.

The program provides a stipend and free accommodation in the Pennsylvania Wilds, a rural area that makes up 25% of the state’s total area but only has 4% of its population. Family and pets are welcome to join as well.

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