38% of Remote Workers Work From Their Bed

Laptop in bed

A new survey from CraftJack revealed that 38% of remote workers work from their beds regularly. The data shows how for many employees, it’s difficult to find or build a dedicated workspace, and consequently, they end up working from bed. And while working from bed can have certain benefits, the disadvantages far outweigh them.

One of the recommendations work-from-home experts tell remote work newbies is creating a dedicated workspace and having the right tools. This helps remote workers to focus better and to enhance their productivity. However, in some cases, companies provide employees with the necessary equipment as part of a home office safety checklist. Still, the reality is that in most cases, employees have to improvise and find the best ways with the resources they have to work from home. 

How Employees Continue Adapting to Working from Home

CraftJack surveyed employees from different kinds of industries regarding their work-from-home conditions. While some of them already have their home office, a significant number of respondents say they continue working from home. The main reason is that they are still improvising a workspace at home.

These are some of the survey’s key findings:

  • 32% home office
  • 31% bedroom
  • 23% family/living room
  • 9% kitchen
  • 5% basement

The survey also took into account if there were industries that liked working from home more than others. Here are the results:

  • 80% Real estate
  • 73% engineering
  • 72% accounting
  • 71% healthcare
  • 69% IT computer science
  • 42% insurance
  • 46% legal
  • 47% HR – recruiting
  • 53% media journalism
  • 53% education 

91% of the respondents continue to improve their workspace gradually. Most of them were uncertain whether they would continue working from home or returning to the office. Now that companies continue to embrace hybrid work models, employees have had to keep building a dedicated workspace in their homes. 


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