Remote Workers’ Social Event in Ireland

Remote workers social event
Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

With an event this Friday in the Franciscan Well pub in Cork city, a project designed to support remote workers in Cork hopes to increase its membership.

Grow Remote is a non-profit “social enterprise” in west Cork that assists people in the county who want to work from home. Donal Kearney is the organization’s community manager.

Their new Grow Remote Changemakers initiative was introduced last week, according to Mr. Kearney.

“As for our West Cork chapter event in Leap this month, we brought together local remote employees to the Centre of Excellence for Climate Action and Sustainability (CECAS) in Leap. On the night, we welcomed local remote employees with food and drinks, we facilitated connections and we hosted a fireside chat where people could tell their stories. We heard from Claire McGonigle, who actually got her current job at Shopify through a connection made at a local Grow Remote chapter event earlier this year. Such is the power of Grow Remote. We had representatives from local co-working hubs, including MixCo, from Clonakilty, Brookpark Business Park of Dunmanway and Ludgate Hub of Skibbereen”.Donal Kearney, Community Manager, Grow Remote

On the final Fridays of October, November 25, and December 30, the organization will conduct a social gathering called Grow Remote in Cork. More Cork residents, according to Mr. Kearney, are encouraged to attend their gathering on Friday, October 28, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Franciscan Well. For remote employees who are totally or partially employed by a firm, a drink will be provided for free.

Ireland has previously taken many steps to promote remote work like launching multiple remote work hubs and schemes.

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