Remote Workers Eat 800 Extra Calories Per Day

Person working from home eating while on the computer

There are a lot of perks when working from home, but a recent study suggests it may not be good for your diet. 

A survey was conducted by the diet tracking app MyFitnessPal, and it found that remote workers consume approximately an extra 800 calories per day.

On top of that, by avoiding the commute people take an average 3,500 fewer steps per day.

The reason? The absence of a structured office environment may result in irregular meal schedules and an increased opportunities for snacking. Stress and boredom caused by WFH may also play a role.

With a fridge steps away from the makeshift home office, it’s easier to create unhealthy habits.

Participants of the survey were asked to log their food and track their steps throughout a work-from-home day, and researchers compared the data to that of an in-office workday.

On a day of working from home, participants consumed an average of 2,752 calories, but during a typical day in the office, they consumed 1,961 calories. That´s 791 fewer calories.

While remote, employees only took an average of 4,518 steps, just over half of what they would walk if they went to the office.

Of the 2,000 hybrid workers surveyed, 36% admitted they snacked even when they weren’t hungry, while 60% said they ate more unhealthily at home.

If remote workers want to fix this habits, they should establish designated meal times and spaces, practice mindful eating, and opt for healthier snacks.


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