Remote Workers can Soon Live on Princess Cruise Ships

remote workers on princess cruise ships
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While we are all busy talking about which states are the best for remote work, Princess Cruise has pleasantly surprised remote workers with the revelation of their upcoming plans.

Princess Cruise will soon be available for those digital nomads who want to live and work from a ship! When the line’s service starts again, all of the 15 ships will offer MedallionNet Wi-Fi service. They plan to start out with 2 ships this summer with vaccinated UK residents.

The WiFi will enable remote work and distance learning. This makes the sea a great option for those remote workers who want to enjoy living the “water” life while they work.

“Many cruise lines will claim to have guest Wi-Fi and they actually don’t – they have public area Wi-Fi. When we say guest Wi-Fi that means every stateroom has an access point as well. It’s not every other stateroom, it’s not every third stateroom, it’s not only in the hallway and opening up the door. It’s every public area, every guest area, every stateroom, every deck. There is no exception. I have complete confidence in it, anywhere in the world and any place on the ship.” John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer for Carnival Corporation, parent company of Princess Cruises.

What Can Remote Workers Expect at the Sea?

According to Princess Cruise, starting with a price of $9.99 a day, the MedallionNet Wi-Fi service provides a speedy connection that is reliable and strong to host video conferencing at sea.

“It used to be a comparison of a cruise vacation versus an alternative vacation. But in my view it starts to be – do I want to live on a cruise ship or do I want to live on land? And you would have your stateroom cleaned, your food is included, entertainment there. I don’t have to pay for a separate gym, I have medical facilities. You’ll find you can live on a cruise ship, have great connectivity, travel the world, for cheaper than you can live and eat at home. We think the rebirth of groups and conventions is a perfect place for us to be positioned in there as a new product offering,” John Padgett

There’s also an opportunity to make Princess Cruises an alternative option to traditional meeting venues like business hotels on land to host events. There’s also a possibility to host participants and attendees on other ships from the world and to connect them via video conferencing. 

“Meeting planners are going to think differently than ever before. Hybrid groups and conventions, hybrid events – we can completely enable that because of the MedallionNet capability.”John Padgett

While there’s no doubt that this entire proposition and plan is very attractive for sea lovers, we will have to wait and watch how it all pans out. If you’re an adventurous remote worker who is always stuck with a choice between vacation at the sea and work on the land, this ends your dilemma. You can now literally live and work at the sea! For those who get sea sick, you’ll need to stick to all the other amazing options on land.

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